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Marketing Segmentation and Targeting for the Droid Phone

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Droid phone

(1) Describe the Droid phone company's target market. Describe a sample person in the target market, in detail. Go beyond "upper class women" or "middle class families." For example, if you were describing a Revlon target, you might write: "Cara is a 27 year old administrative assistant, living in Chicago. She earns about $40,000 a year and spends a lot of her income on clothes and shoes. She reads fashion magazines and watches Survivor. She likes to go out several times a week ... " And add a LOT more.

(2) Explain WHY you believe this characterization may be accurate. You won't know for sure but you can make a logical argument. For instance, where does the product advertise? What is the product's advertising message?

(3) Who are the Droid phone company top 2 or 3 competitors? How do customers perceive the differences between your product and these competitors?

(4) Briefly summarize the company's positioning strategy

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Strategic Marketing:

As a result of the changes in technology, there has been the development of android phones which makes use of android operating systems with more advanced capabilities and enhanced features. Similar to every company in the industry, droid Phone Company identifies its target market and comes up with different ways of designing its droid phones to meet the expectations of the customers available in the target market.

Target Market:

HTC Rhyme is an example of an Android phone which is designed by the Droid Phone Company, fitted with special accessories to meet the specifications of its target market which is the high class women. Most women are known to like accessories which brightly colored. In addition to this, they also like unique and sophisticated feature within an accessory such as the fact that the Rhyme contains a brick and cable which is required for charging at the same time matching the phones color. Women are also known to like brightly colored accessories such as purple color contained by the Rhyme.

In addition to this, most women are also known to like addition features which decorate an accessory as well as features such as ...

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The marketing segmentation and targeting for the Droid phone is examined.