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    Role of Consumer Behavior in Marketing Decisions

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    "Droid Phone"

    What are 3 different opinion about the "Droid Phone" of actual or potential buyer of the product? For instance, women buy handbags (and men buy them as gifts for women).

    (1) When was the last time you bought a Droid Phone

    (2) What brand did you choose? What was your decision process in making this choice?

    (3) How would you describe this brand's personality? [If the brand were a person, who would it be?]

    (4) Suppose this brand appeared on a totally different product. For instance, imagine KIA motors decides to offer luxury sedans or computers. What would be the reaction?

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    3 different opinions about the Droid phone:

    Men buy the device because it represents the latest technology and gadgetry and for its entertainment value, ie: streaming video.

    Women buy the device because it can help them stay connected to their social networks.

    Teens buy the device as it represents a status symbol and helps them stay connected to their social networks.

    1. The last time I purchased a Droid phone was roughly 18 months ago.

    2. I chose the Motorola Droid Razr. My decision process was to begin by comparing features with other phone options offered by my mobile service carrier. I chose the ...

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    This solution discusses the role of consumer behavior in marketing decisions, using the Droid Phone as an example.