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Marketing concepts

How has learning about marketing concepts given you a better understanding of the market place and how businesses and consumers make decisions?

Has what you have learned about marketing increasing your increased your interest in a future career in marketing? What do you value most from taking this course?

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//Before writing about the 'Marketing concepts and the decisions' regarding the market place; we have to understand the 'Concept of Marketing and its importance for an Organization'. Then, we will discuss about the different concepts of marketing, which will assist in the development of an understanding about the decision making framework of the businesses and the consumers.//

Marketing is an activity of producing, promoting, and providing goods and services to customers and businesses. It is a process of creating and directing an organization to sell goods or services that people are willing to buy. Marketing builds and maintains a preference for a particular product and company within the target market. It involves acquisition of new customers ;and retention of existing customers. Philip Kotler describes it as a social process that enables individuals and groups to fulfill their needs by making and exchanging goods and values with others. Marketing ...

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