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    Computer Company Apple Promotion Methods

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    Select a product that you might want to purchase in the future for example an expensive television or car. Examine the methods of online marketing versus those of traditional marketing of that product.
    1. Which website provides the lowest price? How does this compare to the typical local retailer price?
    2. Which website provides the most information about the product, use, features, benefits, and other differentiating information? Explain.
    3. Compare the promotional methods used online to the more traditional methods used by those same companies.
    4. How has Internet buying affected brand management and overall brand equity of a company? What impact will this have long term on both the Internet seller as well as the brick and mortar seller?

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    1. Which website provides the lowest price? How does this compare to the typical local retailer price?

    Traditionally Apple has marketed using television advertisements, magazine advertisements, and other traditional mediums to market their products. Apple is obviously a pioneer and leader in computer products, so quite naturally their ability to take advantage of the internet has been far advanced in comparison to most companies. Their primary competitor is Microsoft, which has traditionally been at war with Apple in regard to seeking consumer loyalty. The primary difference between the two companies is the operating systems on their personal computers wherein Microsoft, which controls 18 times more of the market share than Apple using Microsoft Windows while Apple uses Mac OS X. This has traditionally been the marketing ploy used by Apple to lure customers, the supposed superiority of the Mac OS X operating system, but for decades, this didn't improve their market share.

    Because of the business community serving as the primary target for both companies, Apple had ...

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    The solution examines typical local retailer prices, and the promotional methods used online for Apple. The internet buying affects on brand management and overall brand equity of a company is examined.