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    Apple Computers Inc.

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    Managing Change -Apple Computer Inc.
    Could you please help me with this assignment? Managing Change (Apple Computer Inc.)
    Need to ensure that I have cover the 3 areas:

    1.Areas in which managers must be knowledgeable (e.g., process re-engineering and restructuring, innovating application of goods and services, approaches to managing employees as a vital element in the value chain, methods of achieving and maintaining customer loyalty.

    2.Preparedness of companies to deal with internal resistance to technology changes.

    3. Ability of companies to effectively communicate changes to current and prospective customers in order to improve competitive edge.

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    Managers must be knowledgeable for Apple Computer Inc. in a number of ways. They are to understand on how to do scheduling, customer support, communication that is written and verbal, database, network and influence others in a variety of locations worldwide, staff management experience, previous sales experience, translate technology language to consumers, corporate culture, supervising others, university educated, previous background in consumer electronics, knowledge of a MAC ...

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    This solution dealt with ways in which Apple Computer Inc. in which managers are knowledgeable, internal resistance to change, and to communicate changes to the public.