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    Apple, Inc.: Normal Distribution and Six Sigma

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    Consider the organization APPLE INC:
    1. Can you find some Normal Distributions in the organization? Examples include order shipping time, machine dimensions, utility usage, etc.
    2. Can you show how Six Sigma can be applied in the organization?

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    Apple, Inc.: Normal Distribution and Six Sigma
    Apple, Inc., as a technology company, sells both hardware and the software and applications that are necessary to run them. The manufacturing process including the related supply chain system for this hardware products have to met standard performance, which makes the use of normal distribution and six sigma as management tools indispensable. Some of these products include “iPhone®, iPad®, Mac®, iPod®, Apple TV®” (Apple, Inc, 2014, p. 1). The importance of having the different segments of the company’s manufacturing processes perform within standards becomes more apparent as a result of how the firm’s businesses are spread geographically.

    Normal Distribution
    Remember that statistically normal distribution means is a plot of a the different observed values of an attribute being studied with the observation’s mean ...

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    Discuss normal distribution and six sigma as they relate to Apple, Inc.