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Apple, Inc. and Control Charts

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Demonstrate your understanding of Control Charts as related to Apple Inc.
How can control charts help Apple? Which chart would they use, R Chart, C Chart, X-bar Chart or other charts?

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Apple, Inc.: Control Charts

Remember that control charts are one of the most basic tools of quality and these charts were designed to help quality control personnel to determine if a process under consideration should or should not be a quality control examination for quality-related issues. In the examination, observation data for the process is plotted into control charts and if those observations are within the identified points in the control charts such as six sigma, then we can say that the process is under control, otherwise it is not.

Also remember that control charts and even six sigma can be used to control the quality of any process beyond manufacturing processes. For example, it can be used to determine whether a company's customer service call center is under control as regards, say, customers' waiting time before a call center agent picks up their call.

For a technology manufacturer such as Apple, Inc., which utilizes several companies located all over the globe to manufacture its products, quality ...

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How can Apple, Inc. use the different control charts to manage its manufacturing processes.

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