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    Apple Inc. financial health: Current, debt, return on equity

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    Discuss the trend for each ratio and what it tells you about Apple Inc. financial health.

    o Current
    o Debt
    o Return on equity
    o Days receivable

    Use annual report and SEC filings for the past 2 years.

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    Financial ratio analysis, charts and related sources are included in file attached below.

    Apple Inc. (Apple) is a US based company engaged in manufacturing and selling personal computers, portable digital music players, and mobile communication and media devices. The company reported revenues of (U.S. Dollars) USD 65,225.00 million during the fiscal year ended September 2010, an increase of 52.02% over 2009. The operating profit of the company was USD 18,385.00 million during the fiscal year 2010, an increase of 56.60% over 2009. The net profit of the company was USD 14,013.00 million during the fiscal year 2010, an increase of 70.16% over 2009.

    The below data is based on a core set of research techniques which ensure the best possible level of quality and accuracy of data. The key sources used ...

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    The expert examines Apple Inc financial health for current debt, and return on equity.