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Apple Inc Ratios (Tax rate, Beta, WACD, etc)

I am working on a Financial Analysis for Apple Inc. I have attached the 10K Income statement and Balance Sheet for 2009. I need assistance in finding the Risk Free Rate ( 3 month T-Bill Rate), Beta, Tax Rate, Weighted Average Cost of Debt. Please use the excel formula so i can see how this was calculated or if some of the info such as beta and tax rate is online, what source was used.


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Please see attached file for answers.


10-K 10-K
10/27/2009 10/27/2009

Income Statement Balance Sheet
Three years ended September 26, 2009 2007.00 2008.00 2009.00 September 26, 2009 September 27, 2008
Net sales $24,006 $32,479 $36,537 ASSETS:
Cost of sales 15,852 21,334 23,397 Current assets:
Gross margin 8,154 11,145 13,140 Cash and cash equivalents $5,263 $11,875
Operating expenses: Short-term marketable securities 18,201 10,236
Research and development 782 1,109 1,333 Accounts receivable, less allowances 3,361 2,422
Selling, ...

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Apple Inc ratios are examined for tax rates, beta, WACD and etc.