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    Financial Ratio Analysis for Apple Inc

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    Review the balance sheet and income statement of Apple Inc's 2015 Annual Report.

    Calculate the following ratios using Microsoft® Excel®:
    Current Ratio
    Quick Ratio
    Debt Equity Ratio
    Inventory Turnover Ratio
    Receivables Turnover Ratio
    Total Assets Turnover Ratio
    Profit Margin (Net Margin) Ratio
    Return on Assets Ratio

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    Apple Inc.
    Based on 2015 balance sheet and income statement the following ratios are calculated: If required these can be placed on excel.

    Current Ratio:
    The current ratio is the liquidity ratio that helps measure the company's ability to pay short term and long term obligations. To get the current ratio, the current assets are divided by current assets. In this case 89.38 billion is divided by 80.61. The current ratio is 1.1088

    Quick Ratio:
    This ratio is found by (Cash + Accounts Receivables + Short Term Investments)/ Current Liabilities. This ratio helps assess ...

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