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Need article recommendations

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Can you give me some recommendations on a peer review article and a popular press article?

Start work on Peer Review Article Vs. Popular Press Article.

I have to prepare a paper by obtaining a recent (less than 6 months old) article from the popular press (newspaper or magazine) and then look up a peer reviewed journal article on the same or similar topic. Clearly summarize each article in your own words and contrast and compare their content as you answer the following questions:

What was the attention to details?

What triggered the research?

Who conducted the research?

What methods were used?

What conclusions were reached?

What does this tell you about Peer Reviewed Journal article and a Popular Press article?

Any recommendations would be helpful.


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My recommandation to you as for comparing a peer-review article versus a popular press article
is regarding stem cell therapy for heart disease. I believe this choice to be ideal since both articles
have been published ...

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