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    Paraphrase of scientific article.

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    Hi, How would you paraphrased this article?

    Sunil Kripalani, Jada Bussey-Jones, Marra G Katz, and Inginia Genao. A Prescription for Cultural Competence in Medical Education. J Gen Intern Med. 2006 October; 21(10): 1116-1120.

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    In their article 'A Prescription for Cultural Competence in Medical Education' Kripalani et al (2006) discuss recommendations that should be implemented to further cultural competence in the medical field (Kripalani et al, p.1116-20).
    They first demonstrate the need for cultural competence (c.c.) in a clinical environment and illustrate why at present the need for c.c. is not met (Kripalani et al, p.1116). Following a brief illustration of the benefits of c.c., the authors outline the current approaches to train future generation in c.c.. While they acknowledge the existence of three different schools of c.c. training, the authors manifest their point that at present most institutions fail to implement a c.c. training program that ...

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