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    Mortgage crisis

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    Using one of the article just used, quote two passages, complete with APA in-text citations and quotations marks.

    Then paraphrase two passages (summarizing the passages in your own words) and use in-text citations in the APA format after the paraphrased passages.

    Your post should contain four (4) APA style in-text citations:

    two (2) quotations and two (2) paraphrased passages.

    Finally, your post should include an APA formatted reference page entry according to strict APA Style requirements.

    Quotation: Find a paragraph from the article and construct a quotation of the author's exact word. For example: Author (date) states, "........" (p.___). Alternatively, (no author): In the article "Title" (date), it is stated: "........" (p.__).
    Paraphrase: Next, paraphrase the same passage by putting it into your own words. No part of the paraphrase should be the author's exact words. Include an in text citation (Author, date) or ("Shortened Title," date). Cite your source in APA reference format. See below for basic citation structure.
    In a quotation with an author: Author. (Year, month day). Article title. Periodical title, Volume (issue) page number(s). Name of database.

    In a quotation without an author: Article title. (Year, month day). Periodical title, Volume (issue) page number(s). Name of database.

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    Given the hundreds of billions of dollars used by the United States Federal Government to 'rescue' troubled companies particularly banks and automobile companies, Poole stats that it seems that "[the] U.S. government appears to be committed to supporting any large bank that gets into trouble" (2009, p. 17). Nevertheless, the bailout program by the government might, in the long run, exacerbate the underlying causes of the financial crisis.

    In particular, the author opined that
    "Our current bailout ...

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