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    History of Financial Crisis

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    Write a topic sentence outline from researching sources and create a reference list. Use steps listed below.

    Complete the following 5 Steps:

    Find Sources: Using the the mortgage crisis topic continue researching the topic.

    Evaluate Sources: Select material that you consider will provide evidence to support your thesis.

    Draft a Topic Sentence Outline: Based on your readings of these sources, draft and finalize a topic sentence outline.
    Revise and Finalize Your Topic Sentence Outline.
    Prepare a Reference Page: From your outline, create a reference list of sources, minimum of five (5), which support your topic sentence outline. Your sources should be documented in the APA format for your reference list.

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    History of Financial Crisis
    In discussing what contributed to the mortgage crisis in the United States which metastasized into a global financial and economic crisis, it is important that everything be put in to the proper perspective for a fully engaged discussion.

    Hence, the first part of the paper on the mortgage crisis otherwise known as the subprime lending crisis is the introduction or background discussion of the financial and economic crisis that we've witnessed over the last century. One, we had the Great Depression, Mexico, Russia, South Korea's debt crsis, and more recently was the Asian financial crisis.

    It would also be interesting to insert a paragraph or two here that the phrase "Too Big to Fail" was not, in fact, invented by the Obama administration, but was a topic of an academic paper published in Business Economics way back in 1992.

    This section will end as an introduction to the crisis at hand, the mortgage crisis. The last sentence of this section can segue way into the next section by defining what a subprime loan is.

    Mortgage Crisis: The When
    This section of the paper will focus on the historical evolution of the current crisis from the failure of the ...

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