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Leadership in Crisis Management

Address one of four product crises: Nestle- infant formula in the third world; Bridgestone/Firestone- tire shredding; Exxon- Valdez oil spill disaster in Alaska, OR Tylenol- product contamination. During this unit, each team is to research their firm's product crisis and consider alternative solutions (Going with Exxon)

Research the history of product crisis. Delegate the following issues:

What was the basis for the crisis?
Were there any policy decisions that led to the crisis?
How was the crisis managed?
How was the crisis resolved?
What were the short-term effects for the firm?
Have there been any long-term effects?

I need some ideas and information to get me started. Thank you.

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Solution Summary

Based on the history of the product crisis (Exxon), this solution provides assistance in addressing several dimensions of the crisis e.g. the basis for the crisis, policy decisions that led to the crisis, crisis management, resolution, and the short-term and long-term effects for the firm.