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    Handling a healthcare crisis

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    Emergency preparedness is essential for health professionals. During any crisis situation, leaders must immediately respond to varying circumstances. There are many approaches to consider and everyone involved must act fast. The leader's role as a health practitioner varies depending on the situation. Whether you are an administrator of a hospital or a director of the public health department, your role is crucial.

    select a leadership role (e.g., director of a public health department, administrator of a hospital, community health agency director) and consider how you would respond in the following health crisis case.
    Brief Case Study Scenario: A train wreck has caused a chemical leakage in a large populated city. post a brief description of the leadership role you selected. Then, explain how you would approach the situation in the scenario provided as a leader in that role. Finally, explain the two most significant factors you need to consider as a leader when responding to a health crisis. Expand on your insights utilizing the Learning Resources.

    Use APA formatting for your discussion and to cite your resources.
    Validate an idea with your own experience.
    Make a suggestion or comment that guides or facilitates the discussion.

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    I have outlined the job chosen. I have also outlined an emergency response that might be implemented and I provided the factors I think would be needed by the leader in times of crisis. Please edit and modify according to your needs. If you have any further questions or need clarifications, please ask.

    Public Health Department director
    Facilitates and ensures the following of all state and federal regulations for health and well being.
    Coordinates and manages the health department and offices, ensuring the appropriate people and resources are in place to meet community needs.
    Works to collaborate with local leadership, public and private, in creating emergency planning measures, educating the public and leadership about health and safety issues, coordinates with leadership on how to approach health related issues in the community. Collaborates with media to ensure as many stakeholders as possible has the most information available in times of crisis.
    Works with and creates community groups and advocacy groups.
    Management of changes and transitions required to improve the health standards in the community.
    Oversees the management of planning for health emergencies and all politically necessary ...

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    Using the supplied scenario, how a public leader might react to a healthcare crisis, includes the position and factors most important to the position during a crisis.