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    The Problem of Human Resource Management in Healthcare

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    Please write a response that identifies a problem in healthcare management, which describes the problem and then discuss its importance, in 500 words or more.

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    One problem in healthcare management, is effectively handling the human resources within a healthcare organization in a manner that will be in the best interest of the organization. It is quite difficult for upper-level management in healthcare organizations such as hospitals and clinics, to be able to effectively manage the wide array of healthcare professionals that are under their management, due to the fact that there are many different specialties within the healthcare paradigm, and each of individuals working within the different specialties will be assigned to the area of the hospital or clinic that can allocate the best use of their talents. It is very hard for management to effectively plan for the implementation of individuals into the different departments within a hospital or other health care organization, when there is no truly accurate way to measure the future needs of that department within the ...