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Personnel Management and Organizational Behavior

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Quote and Paraphrase Information
Find an article related to organizational behavior. Using the article (Questing for Quality), provide examples of:

1. Three (3) properly formatted direct quotes, including an example of ellipsis, and

2. Three (3) paraphrases in which you also quote significant text from the article. Refer to your APA manual to make sure you are providing correct in-text citations for each quote and paraphrase.

Additionally in the same file, write an evaluation of the resources you retrieved , assess the reference materials that you used for APA formatting, and outline the steps you took to research the correct citation formats (including page numbers and URLs) for your quotes and paraphrases.

Your submittal should demonstrate thoughtful consideration of the ideas and concepts that are presented in the course and provide new thoughts and insights relating directly to the topic. Your response should reflect scholarly writing and APA standards

NOTE TO OTA: Another article of your choice related to organizational behavior is suitable also.

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Quote and Paraphrase Information: Questing for Quality

This paper will present the quotes and paraphrases presented in article 'Questing for Quality'. The paper will evaluate the paraphrases present in the paper. In addition, the reader would also be able to understand how the APA referencing is used for in-text citation of the quotes. The explanation will evaluate the resources that provide information about the APA referencing style.
Quotes with the Example of Ellipsis
"You don't have to follow Baldrige be successful" (Zeidner, 2010, pg. 26).
"We all are expected to be accountable to customers and to one another" (Zeidner, 2010, pg. 26).
"We try to the office of no surprises" (Zeidner, 2010, pg. 27).
 "Workforce Focus" is one of seven areas Baldrige judges consider when selecting quality driven companies. But the component may belie the broad influence human resources managers have on an organization's performance (Zeidner, 2010, pg. 25).
Explanation: According to this paraphrase, the judges of Baldrige award consider that concentration of workforce is one of the seven areas that drive quality in the organization. But this ...

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Personnel management and organizational behavior is examined.

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