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    Learning Organization

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    5 Terms=Learning Organization, job satisfaction, empowerment, organizational behavior, communication

    Write an essay where you apply the five terms listed above to a critique of management in either a past or present workplace. Focus should be placed on what is being done well or how to improve management, using what you've learned. For example, you might choose "High Performing Organization (HPO)" as a term. Then, you could write about how and what your organization could do to become a be an HPO based on your experience and what you have learned from the text and lecture material on this topic.

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    //Before writing about the 'High Performing Organization' first, we will write about the use of the various terms such as learning Organization, job satisfaction, empowerment, organizational behavior, communication in the Management to enhance the performance of the Organization.\


    To meet the changing environmental requirements, all the organizations must develop their personnel. But all the organizations are not similar in their ways of developing the personnel. Some organizations are proactive in their actions and some are reactive in their actions towards the environmental changes. There are some organizations that do not even react to these changes. The organizations those are proactive, able to gear their human resources and face the environmental threats that are likely to be posed. These types of organizations engage themselves in a process of continuous learning and are known as learning organizations. So, a learning organization is one which is skilled at creating, acquiring and transferring knowledge and modifying its behavior to reflect new knowledge and insights (Luthans, 2006).

    An organization should also give job satisfaction to its employees, so that they are motivated towards their work. The organizational behavior of the employees should be evaluated and measured. The management should favor proper and effective communication in the organization which will keep all the employees well informed of the activities in the organization. So, the management should improve these activities and implement them effectively in the organization.

    //Above, we discussed the use of various terms in the Organization to improve its performance. Now, we will discuss how a firm can become a 'High Performing Organization' by using these terms or by implanting these terms.\

    High Performing Organization (HPO)

    The management of the organization ...

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    The response address the queries posted in 913 words with references.