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    Efficient Performance vs. a Learning Organization

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    There are 5 elements that are in contrast with one another in regard to an efficient performance design versus a learning organization design. Please identify the 5 elements for each design type.

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    According to my information there are actually seven-eight characterics of the traditional efficiency organization versus the learning organization (See at Bottom).

    For example, according to Senge's book (2010) the Fifth Discipline, he describes the core of a learning organization's work as based upon five learning disciplines, which include:

    1. Personal Mastery
    2. Mental Models
    3. Shared Vision
    4. Team Learning
    5. Systems Thinking. (Nagwekar, 2010). (For example, Senge defined a learning organization as "..a place where people continually expand their capacity to create results they truly desire, where new and ...

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    This essay describes the characteristics of traditional efficiency organization versus the concept of a learning organization where people continually expand their capacity to create results, they truly desire; and where new and expansive patterns of thinking are nurtured, and where collective aspiration is set free and thus people are continually "learning how to learn".