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    Non-financial ethical compliance measures

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    Although much of the regulatory focus of corporate ethics and compliance is driven by financial measures, the integrity of an organization also has to focus on non-financial areas of performance. List and describe three models that have been developed to capture structural and behavioral organizational ethical performance.

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    For regulating the business in an ethical and compliant way, it is necessary to perform the business in an efficient manner. It is also essential for an organization to focus on non-financial areas of performance. Financial results of an organization can be measured with the help of three developed models to analyze structural, behavioral, and ethical performance. The three models for measuring the structural, behavioral, and ethical performance are Six Sigma, Balanced Scorecard and the Triple bottom line (Grashaw, 2010).

    Six Sigma

    Six Sigma is considered as optimum, focused, and an effective method for measuring the performance along different ...

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    In the given discussion, I tried to analyze and understand the different methods to measure structural, behavioral, organizational, and ethical performance of the organization. These methods help in measuring the actual position of the companies and in developing the organization's ethical performance. The response addresses the queries posted in 398 words with references.