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    Service Efforts and Accomplishments in Government/Not-for-Profits

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    Why are measures of "service efforts and accomplishments" of more concern in government and not-for-profits than in businesses?

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    The measures of service efforts and accomplishments are more important to government and non-profit organizations than for-profit businesses because donors to non-profits and the citizens of governments look at these metrics to determine the effectiveness and reliability of the organizations.

    Responsible stewardship is closely tied to the concept of integrity in financial management, especially with regards to non-profit and government agencies. Within the management of organizations, responsible stewardship is focused on properly developing and using resources, including people, property, and financial assets. This means being honest and upright when dealing with financial matters. In an accounting sense, stewardship also refers to recognizing a financial manager's duty to uphold the integrity of the organization at all times.

    Financial managers should employ two key concepts in retaining responsible ...

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    The solution discusses why measures of "service efforts and accomplishments" are of more concern in government and not-for-profits than in businesses.