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Financial Accounting 362

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Match the items below by entering the appropriate letter in the space.

1. Partnership

2. Liabilities

3. Revenues

4. General ledger

5. Matching principle

6. Unearned revenues

7. Income summary

8. Intangible assets

9. Freight-out

10. Sales returns and allowances

A. A liability created when cash is received in advance of performing a service for a customer.

B. Freight costs incurred by the seller.

C. Noncurrent resources that do not have a physical substance.

D. An economic entity which is not a separate legal entity.

E. A contra-revenue account.

F. The matching of efforts (expenses) with accomplishments (revenues).

G. Creditors' claims on total assets.

H. A temporary account used in closing revenue and expense accounts.

I. Contains all asset, liability, and stock- holders' equity accounts.

J. Gross increases in stockholders' equity resulting from business activities entered into for the purpose of earning income.

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