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Measuring Environmental and Social Risks

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Why is it important to measure social and environmental risk? Try to put yourself in the CEO or Director role of a company (EPA). How do you envision justifying/balancing resources for effective risk management. This is very open ended, but please incorporate environmental accounting as well as personal experience (feel free to extend the workplace case study of the last two weeks), current events or scholarly literature in your thoughtful response.

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It is important to measure social and environmental risks so that an action can be evaluated properly. Also, social and environmental risks should be measured so that adequate resources can be allocated for their mitigation. It is required to measure social and environmental risks so that environmental remediation and long term environmental consequences can be studied in the right perspective.
It is essential to measure social and environmental risks so that the environmental accounting estimates in the financial accounting reports are presented correctly. Second it is vital to measure social and environmental risks so that managerial ...

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