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    Socially Responsible Risk Management Strategy for a Company

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    Prepare an outline that you would use to develop a PowerPoint presentation of around 8-10 slides outlining a socially responsible risk management strategy for a company with which you are familiar (Please note, you are creating an outline in a Word document, not the actual PowerPoint presentation).
    Summarize the following:
    ï?· Goals of risk management
    ï?· Identification applicable risk factors
    ï?· Strategies for managing each risk factor
    ï?· Plan for continued monitoring and adjustment
    ï?· Social implications and responsibilities
    Format your outline using proper APA formatting to include proper citations and title. No introduction or conclusion is required.

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    Note: The attached outline is almost complete and ready for you to prepare your presentation. Many risks are listed, and you may choose which risks worth analyzing. You may think of other risks to include. I have suggested some risk management strategies but am leaving much of this important element for you to develop and suggest. Most likely, your text will be an included reference.

    Johnson & Johnson Risk Management Strategy
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    Johnson & Johnson Risk Management Strategy
    A. Risk Management Strategy goals: To create clear strategic, operations, reporting, and compliance objectives
    1. "Identify potential events that might affect the Company and to manage the associated risks and opportunities" (Johnson & Johnson, 2011 Managing our Risks).
    2. Implement comprehensive systems "that support ethical behavior, accountable business practices and compliance with laws and regulations" (Johnson & Johnson, 2011 Transparent and Ethical).
    B. Internal risk factors and strategies for managing each ...

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