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Organizational Risk

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1. Looking at historical claims data is one way to identify an organization's risk, followed by questions on whether the organization has taken appropriate action to prevent further risk in those areas. Identify several types of HR risks in your employment setting and discuss if current risk mitigation strategies are sufficient.

2. What is your definition of socially responsible risk management? How would you go about enacting a more socially responsible risk management strategy in your current workplace?

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My current workplace is under the DoD. I work for MCCS which stands for Marine Corps Community Services. The department that I work in is the Special Events department. We are responsible for rental items for parties (children and adult), bouncy houses and other inflatables, as well as the 6 festivals that take place annually on the island of Okinawa.

One HR risk in my employment setting that I have seen falls under the EEO. There are 2 derby leagues on island, and many of the girls that work for MCCS are skaters in the leagues. Just recently we had one individuals fall and stretch the ligaments in her hip and tear a few of them. She was prescribed by her doctor to attend physical therapy once per week for 6 months. She is a rather new hire so she went through her sick leave fairly quickly. After her sick leave was up, her manager told her that she was not authorized to take time off of work any more to go to physical therapy. This HR risk ...

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Every company no matter how long they have been in business will have some organizational HR risks that they must address. These risks need to be dealt with in a timely manner as they arise. In the process of doing business and the every changing world that business is conducted in the potential for new risks to arise, or something that wasn't a risk before to become one is constant. For this reason it is essential to look at and address risks in a timely manner.