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Organizational Risk Management in businesses

What is the role and nature of organizational risk management in justice and security organizations and why it is important? Address the following in your

· Planning for risk and identifying resources.
· How justice and security organizations manage risk.
· Costs associated in managing risk.
· Consequences of failing to manage risk.
· Benefits a properly performed risk analysis has for management and key stakeholders.

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- Planning for risk and identifying resources.

When taking into account organizational risk management justice and security agencies must use comprehensive planning to address security needs. When identifying the specific threats and risks associated with their respected professions these security agencies must ensure that resources are not distributed in the paradigm wherein other vital and crucial programs are neglected. Security needs must be identified in collusion with how to appropriate resources to address these needs. Therefore, effective security planning requires collaboration of all components within the security organization's apparatus. This includes planners, architects, emergency managers, and first ...

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The planning, management, costs, consequences of failing to manage, and benefits associated with organizational risk management in businesses is discussed within this solution.