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    Business help: Risk management

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    The organization that I want to write about is Starbucks.

    I need assistance on how to approach the following elements:

    Define the following corporate risk terms and describe their relevance to your organization or one with which you are familiar.
    1. Organizational Risk
    2. Business Risk

    In addition to these two, be sure to discuss at least three additional corporate risk terms from your assigned readings and/or other resources, and their relevance to your selected organization. (at least 1000 words)

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    Organizational risk for Starbucks
    Organizational is mainly based on the risk associated with the function of the organization. This risk generally starts within the organization. Organizational risk generally starts with organizational conflict when the level of conflict in the organization is high it turns into the organizational risk.
    As it is known that company's success depends substantially on the contributions and abilities of key executives and other employees, and on its ability to recruit and retain and motivate high quality employees to work in and manage the stores. If we look at the Starbucks the company has been unable to retain its key employees within the organization and this has not only affected the performance but has also increased the level of organizational risk within the organization. Starbucks has lost its key employees and suffering from a significant shortage of high quality store employees creating a huge work load within the organization and resulting into a serious motivational problems within the organization. And this problem if continuous could jeopardize the Company's ability to meet its financial targets.
    The organizational culture has a great impact on the organizational risk. Various factors have an impact on the organizational risk. The factors of organizational risk include:
    Demands within the organization related with task and roles
    There are demands that are related to tasks and roles in the organization and these demands are the main source often reported as being responsible for work-related mental health problems within the organization. This demand related ...

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