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Recommendations and Risk Assessments

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Please explain each of the following processes. One to two lines on each with a recommendation and risk assessment.

Requirements Definitions:
Detailed Analysis of the System (Current and Future Process)
Interaction and Interviews with business user's review analyze and evaluate existing business processes and transaction life cycle.
Explain the SRP Process Review
Business process
Procurement Life cycle
Order Management
Warehouse Management
Process and Data Integration with other Modules
Explain the requirement Definitions
Financial Process review
Business process
General ledger process
Payment process
Receivables process
Budgeting process
UFMS Integration process and requirements
Others financial process
Feasibility Analysis
_ Preparation of recommended Improvements
_ Identify Missing Automation of Business Process
_ Preparation of FIT/GAPS based upon the investigative analysis
_ Risk and Mitigation for Proposed Recommendations
Course of Action Preparation
_ Prepare and deliver following documents
_Test plan success factors and measurements
_ Requirement document
_ System design Document
_ Recommendations, Risk and Mitigation plan
Project Objectives (Task5):
_Modernize and improve the Stockpile Resource Planning (SRP) Process
_Unified Financial Management System (UFMS) Data Integration
_ Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition (OBIEE) Implementation
_ Warehouse Management System (WMS) Implementation

CDC is planning to assess/implement the following systems:
Stockpile resource planning (SRP)
Warehouse Management System (WMS)
Unified Finance Management System (UFMS)
OBIEE/Other analytics

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