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Mental Staus Exam and Risk Assessment

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Please help me with the following: What is the difference between a Risk Assessment (RA) and Mental Status Exam (MSE)-what are they? What issues or concerns exist when it comes to using these assessments, along with the information that could be received. Are there areas of potential conflict between conducting each of these assessments. Lastly, what challenges are there in conducting these assessments and how could one handle them - inclusive but not limited to the risk assessment or mental status exam.

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The primary difference between a risk assessment and a mental status exam is that a risk assessment is essentially a psychological assessment of an individual in order to determine their susceptibility to mental health issues of various kinds, and the probability of that individual developing a given mental health issue. In addition, this assessment helps to ascertain what the probable result would be if this individual develops a given mental health issue or disorder. A mental status exam on the other hand is an examination that is conducted by a psychiatrist or other mental health practitioners in order to ascertain the level ...

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