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Intake Interviews and Mental Status Exams

Explain how an intake interview differs from a mental status exam and under what circumstances you would use each.

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In counseling, initial engagement with a patient requires a form of assessment or instrument that can provide an initial screening of the context of the issues and problems the patient has to get the treatment and the therapist started. In this discussion, we will be looking at the intake interview and the mental status test, differentiating between the two as well as discussing their similarities.

Intake Interviews

This is the most common type of clinical interview in psychology and counseling practice. This happens the very first time a patient comes to see the counselor/psychologist/therapist and is of utmost importance because this is the first instance of interaction. This establishes a lot in terms of the treatment program and client-therapist structure. The therapist does an initial screen and establishes and diagnoses the problems the patient might have usually following 2 DSM axes. After doing so, the therapist establishes ...

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Intake interviews and mental status exams are examined.