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    Psychological testing and measures

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    Can you please help me answer this question in identifying sources of testing for psychology? What specific types of information can be found in the Buros Institute of Mental Measurements, please explain; and the ETS Test Collection. Can you compare their strengths and weaknesses and provide information about the two?

    Can you also explain the major steps in developing a new test and briefly describe what happens at each step.

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    The Buros Institute of Mental Measurements provides programs and products that serve test information needs of counselors and therapists. The services provided by Buros can verify the quality of psyschosometric testing programs to demonstrate the quality of processes and the validity of results. The institute monitors commercially available tests and testing programs. It also publishes the Mental Measurement Yearbook and Test in Print Series which contains information about availability, quality and utility of assessment devices. The Institute also sponsors topical symposia and volumes aimed at certain audiences. Test users are also welcome to inspect test instruments at the Buros Library. The institute provides services to help programs in psychometric research, consultation services, workshops, testing program accreditation/audits and training in assessment literature. They provide services that assist in test development. On its website you can access test reviews of over 3,500 psychological tests.

    Strengths: The Institute's programs and products give counselors reliable valid measurement practices in effective ways.
    Counselors can identify tests that are likely to be appropriate for their clinical practice.
    Reviews conducted ...

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