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Diagnosing Paul Gauguin

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Provide a complete bio psychosocial review of Paul Gaugin. Write a comprehensive diagnostic formulation which integrates etiology, theory, and research. Provide verifiable evidence of Paul Gauguin's pychological problems.

Should include the following:

2-Presenting Problem
3- History of problem
4-Mental status exam
5-Social history
7-Differential diagnosis/Ruled out:

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Case Study - Paul Gauguin, a famous french painter; contemporaries with Renoir, Monet, Van Gogh

Presenting Problem: Alcoholism and mood disorder

History of Problem: Within the cultural context of France, he always loved his drink however, it became a significant problem in his adult life as it disrupted his family life. He was married to a Danish women and had five children. He would go home drunk and often times not be home for periods of time as he was out drinking.

Mental Status Exam: He was a brilliant man with many talents- artistic, good with numbers (he was a stockbroker), mechanically capable- seen by his time in the French Navy. Thus, when sober, he is able to perform well on the Mental ...

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The solution gives a 477 word case study of Paul Gauguin, analyzing and diagnosing him for psychological assessment purposes.