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    The DSM and its use in Diagnosing Psychiatric Disorders

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    What is the DSM? Is there a scientific basis to the DSM? What is the medical model?

    To what extent should we employ the medical model in psychological disorders and use the DSM as an authoritative reference in psychiatric diagnosis?

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    There has been much controvery over the DSM (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual) for Mental Disorders. It was published by the American Psychiatric Association and categorizes the disorders and defines each as a list of symptoms. It uses a multi-axial approach to diagnosing. All professionals in the field of psychology should be aware of these realities as it can impact decisions surrounding diagnosing and prescribing medication to treat disorders.

    Many argue that the medical model doesnt allow ...

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    This solution describes the DSM and the controvery surrounding it's use in diagnosing psychiatric disorders. It looks into the medical model and defends the notion that there isn't a scientific basis to the DSM.