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    Corporate Social Responsibility: Missions and Visions

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    1. How often should an organization's vision/mission be changed in light of strategy evaluation activities? Explain you rationale.

    2. What does the concept of corporate social responsibility mean for businesses? What sort of conflicts does corporate social responsibility create for corporations? Is there a conflict between the shareholders of a corporation and the stakeholders of a corporation? Can corporations/businesses really be socially responsible or are corporations/businesses really still thinking about their own best interests when they seem be acting in a socially responsible manner?

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    1. The organization should change its vision/mission far rarely than it evaluates its strategy. The strategy has to be evaluated regularly because of changing business environment. For example, if there is a change in competition the strategy has to be evaluated and changed to keep the organization competitive. However, the vision defines what the company wants to be in future. The vision should not be changed. The mission defines what the company is doing presently. An evaluation of strategy and change does not mean that the ...

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    This solution explains the mission and vision of businesses and when they should be changed. The sources used are also included in the solution.