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    Technology and Corporate Social Responsibility

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    Technology and Social Responsibility

    1) What are three major factors fueling international technological growth? Explain the ways in which those factors impede or support corporate social responsibility.
    2) What major corporate social responsibility issues arise out of the use of technology and scientific research?
    3) Compare and contrast organizational self-regulation versus governmental regulation on issues such as eugenics, cloning, and DNA testing. Support this with theories, models, and references.

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    1) The three major factors fueling international technological growth is the development of large multinational organizations, the reduction of international barriers to trade, and connectivity through the internet. The growth of global multinationals has been instrumental in fueling international technological growth. There are many global corporations that have adopted the global strategy. In short, it means the same technological product is sold all over the world. This has enabled large scale production and marketing of technology products.

    With the decline in international trade barriers, under the influence of the WTO, there are new markets that have opened up for global technology corporations. For example, when Apple launched the iPhone 5 in the US within a short period of time, the same iPhone was launched in several countries in Europe, Australia, and Asia. The lack of trade barriers enables technology companies to use the same marketing techniques globally. For instance, Microsoft launched Windows 8 in the US, as well as in emerging markets. It used the same/similar commercials in both the markets.

    The development of large multinational corporations, bringing down of trade barriers, and internet connectivity supports corporate social responsibility. Within multinational companies, internet communication is used to communicate to their employees the importance of complying with the spirit of the law, ethical standards and international ...

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