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    Social responsibility and ethics

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    In my opinion, the most exciting developments in security management can be found in technology. I am what some would call an early adopter of new technologies, so it is no surprise that I get excited looking at new technology. As it pertains to security, I like the developments in identification. Technology like facial recognition, thumb print readers, retina scanners and high definition security cameras all make this an exciting time for the field.
    Q1: What is your reaction to the above comment?
    Q2. Compare and contrast corporate social responsibility and ethics.

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    1. I agree. This new technology is likely to make the jobs of security management professionals easier. As time passes I am certain that these technologies would be updated to enhance their effectiveness.

    2. Ethics is a branch of philosophy that addresses questions about morality: such as good and evil ;right and wrong; virtue and vice, justice etc. It is the rules of conduct recognized in respect to certain classes of human actions within a group. Corporate social responsibility is a form of corporate social ...

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    In this solution the author reacts to an exciting development in security mangement. There is also a description of similarities and differences between social responsibility and ethics.