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    Technology and Social Responsibility

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    Explaining your position in response to each of the following questions:
    1. What are three major factors fueling international technological growth? Explain the ways in which those factors impede or support corporate social responsibility.
    2. What major corporate social responsibility issues arise out of the use of technology and scientific research?
    3. Compare and contrast organizational self-regulation versus governmental regulation on issues such as eugenics, cloning, and DNA testing. Support your position with theories, models, and references.

    APA 6th Ed.

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    //In this paper, the main description will be on technology and social responsibility. The first section of the paper will be on the three major factors, driving international and social responsibility. Three of these factors will be explained in a summarized manner so that the reader can take a proper idea about the concerned topic. //

    Technological development is fueled by several factors. The most significant factor is altering several conditions in the external environment. As newer challenges come into notice, newer technologies must be enhanced to fulfill these challenges. Second considerable factor is augmenting wealth in the entire world. Those nations are participating in the development of technology, which have not been capable to make involvement in the earlier period. Thus, it is obvious that it has an influence on the corporate social responsibility (Weiss, Nieuwenhuizen, Rossouw, Brevis & Cant, 2008).

    In this regard, companies should be ethical all the time. Management of a company should consider its responsibilities ...

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    The response addresses the queries posted in 552 words with references.