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    Social Responsibility in Business

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    Question 1: Identify and discuss illegal, unethical, and socially responsible business actions in the news.
    Question 2: Would you like to sit on a board of directors? Why or why not? If you did serve on a board, what kind of organization would you prefer? As a board member, what kinds of activities do you think you would most actively engage?

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    Dear Student,

    It is not hard to find organizations that are socially responsible. I'll provide you with a couple. Let's look at technology. Technology has allowed employees to take their work home and be accessible to their employers. This isn't always true for those that have disabilities. A company called Accessibility Partners works with private and public IT manufacturing companies as well as government agencies to test and review products that make information technology ...

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    This solution provides an examples of how businesses can integrate social responsibility into it's operations as well as how unethical behavior in business practices can impact society.