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    Socially Responsible Activities for a Major University

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    You have been hired as a consultant for a major university which desires to be more socially responsible. Describe three socially responsible activities the university can participate in to achieve their goal. Describe in detail the activity, the objective of the activity and the benefits the company might expect to receive from implementing your suggestions.

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    Corporate social Responsibility:

    It is very important for a company to undertake their activities with integrity. As a university that wants to sustain their great image to the public and society, it has to govern itself, fulfill the set missions of the organization, conduct their operations inline with the values they uphold and most importantly engage the society in the progress of the organization. Giving back to the society in the form of charitable projects that will benefit the society create an avenue where the University will relate with the society as one of its main publics (Corporate Social, 2011).

    In the practice of corporate social responsibility the large multinational organizations were looked at the organizations to provide these services to the community. As the times are changing and the business world is gaining a new phase, all organizations should conduct Corporate Social Responsibilities to their local communities. The university is looking for the activities to undertake so that they can be socially responsible; they need to explore the needs of ...

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    The solution discusses socially responsible activities the university can participate in to achieve their goal.