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Socially Responsible Behavior(s)

Make a list of at least five (out of nine) of the forms of socially responsible behavior that management demonstrates to show their support for their stakeholders. Explain each one in your essay and why, in your opinion, it is so important to follow.

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The following are among the means by which an organization can manifest fulfillment of social responsibility:

1. Offering products and services that are not hazardous to the health of consumers. A company has social responsibility to its buyers who are its major stakeholders. Highest degree of care must be made to ensure that products and services are not health - hazards. Instead, they must be contributory to buyers' welfare. This is important because buyers are basically the reasons behind the company's existence. This is basically an application of the so-called societal marketing concept. The product should not only be solutions to needs of buyers - they must ...

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Socially responsible behaviors stakeholders are given. The expert explains the forms of socially responsible behaviors that management demonstrates to show their support for stakeholders.