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Virtue and responsibility within a community

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A 500 word count minimum is required for each week/question. (2500 words APA FORMAT)

1) If a person is described as virtuous, is this the same as saying that person is moral or ethical? Why or why not? How would you explain the relationship between these three concepts?

2) According to Ch. 2 of Basic Ethics, "It is inconsistent on one hand to accept the assistance of the community via schools, police, fire, roads....and on the other hand to deny to a reciprocal duty to give back to the community (Boylan). What are two ways the community asks its members to give back? Does each individual have the same responsibilities to the community? Explain why or why not?

3) Identify a situation in an organization that could be considered legally acceptable, but would still pose an ethical problem for the organization. 1. Describe the situation. 2. What makes this situation legal but not ethical?

4) Not all organizations have moved to develop socially responsible initiatives. Others may have a socially responsible effort but it may not be a fit for the organization. 1. What might make an initiative more appropriate for an organization than others might? 2. What might make an initiative not an appropriate choice?

5) Think of an example of an ethical perspective that is considered very American. 1. Give an example of an ethical perspective from another culture that deals with the same subject? 2. Why are the perspectives of these two so different?

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The following posting discusses virtue and responsibility within a community.

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1) If a person is described as virtuous, is this the same as saying that person is moral or ethical? Why or why not? How would you explain the relationship between these three concepts?

The term virtuous is specific to individual behavior the does not necessarily impact our global community at large. An example of a virtuous woman might be an individual that is committed to her wedding vows and would not under any circumstances negate its boundaries. Nevertheless, the appropriate behavior in this case is both ethical and moral. Moral behavior is defined by ethics, which are a set of standards that are defined by "wrong" and right" and are usually culturally specific. Hence, one thing is one community may be right and the same act may be wrong in another community. The terms do share connectivity however they have individual properties that make the distinct and singular in properties.

*virtuous: behavior, individual, singular and specific to the individual
*moral: is my behavior in sync with what is appropriate, virtuous and ethical?
*ethical: a set of standards ...

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