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The role of the monster in defining virtue and community in

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What is the role of the monster in defining virtue and community in Beowulf?

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The role of the monster in defining virtue and community in Beowulf is briefly demonstrated.

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Since there seems to be a message that within all humans, a dark or evil "monster" side resides, there is a need to affirm virtue and honor in an uncertain world that is established through the role.

When Beowulf battles monsters, they are all outsiders, posing a threat to the overall sense of heritage and community. In this regard, by battling them, Beowulf is able to reaffirm the sense of community, especially as Grendel's and his mother cause Beowulf to kill the two beasts to keep virtue, honor, and community alive.

Besides Grendel, the dragon, too, seems to signify an external threat. By removing this threat, a sense of ...

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