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    Virtues of the Past: Hebrew, Roman, and Greek

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    Research one of the following virtue words: Arête, Prudence, Temperance, Justice, Fortitude, Faith, Hope, Love.

    1. Is this virtue still important to success in life today? Why or why not?
    2. Is this virtue from Hebrew, Greek, or Roman ideas or a mix? Support your answer with reasons, logic, or evidence.

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    Main Tasks:

    Choose your word of 'virtue'...and answer the two questions. I recommend that you choose the one you most identify with or find most interesting.

    This solution will provide ideas to assist in guiding the question:

    To answer this first question...you need to first define your chosen 'virtue' as this is critical to your foundational argument. Defining the term should also give you some idea on the historical basis for the word and therefore a place to start in the sense of the words "still important"...in referencing it's still important from a certain point in time in the past...as this will provide you with the other side of the comparison. How was the 'virtue' back then in regards to success or a lack thereof...? And is the 'virtue' still important to success today...?

    A good way to address the 'Why or why not' aspect of your first question is by finding stories ...

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