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    The Change of Europe between Middle ages and Roman Empire

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    How do you perceive the historical transformation from the collapse of Rome to the dawn of the Middle Ages? Write a one-page paper and show that you understand about the social changes that took place during that time.

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    The historical transformation of Europe was the disintegration of the Roman Empire and the rise of the Middle Ages originated from the areas of social change that resulted from the adoption of Germanic society, Christian social structure and values, and the preservation of Roman-Greek culture in high standard of living in the Byzantine empire.
    400-1000 `
    1. Social and cultural change-Germanic kingdoms. Germans had impact on Europe-customs and society.
    a. German tribes traveled long distances between the fourth and sixth century that impacted the tribes as well as the people that they conquered.
    b. German society was made up of tribes lead by a war chieftain or king of a family of related members called the war band or comitatus. The competition between the clans and members lead to social inequalities that led to the Medieval European noble class.
    c. German law was made of customs and payment of fines or wergelds-man-money.
    Became part of the medieval law.
    d. German tribes were always nomadic life and animistic religion, but this transformed
    To more settled farm land, villages, and adoption of Roman practices and tastes.
    2. Role of Christianity in the transformation of civilization-most important force in changing lifes. Monastic ideal and impact on religious orders, marriage, and women.
    a. Christianity absorbed classical culture ideas.
    i. Christianity confronted Roman and Greek laws, literature, education ...

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    This is about the social and economic changes that occured in Europe during the period between the collapse of the Roman Empire and the Middle Ages.