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    Charlemagne and Early Middle Ages

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    Write a one-page paper and give details about the importance of Charlemagne to the Middle Ages.

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    Charlemagne was not the first Christian king of Western Europe after the fall of Rome, but he was the first king to hold a large, unified territory while benefiting from the blessing of Rome. Francia, land of the Franks, was already more stable than most other territories of Western Europe. Charlemagne's grandfather, Charles Martel had defeated the Muslim invasion at Tours in 732 and later solidified his control of France (he was not the king). Charlemagne's politically astute father Pepin overthrew the "do-nothing" kings and with the Pope's blessing, had himself established as the new king.

    Charlemagne inherited a large land but as a warrior king, he strove to increase his holdings. This is partly attributed to his desire for a larger territory for control and taxation purposes, but with another motive of stabilizing his ...

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    The relevance of Charlemagne to the politics and social formation of Western Europe in the Medieval Ages is discussed.