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Biblical Teaching in the Classroom

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Reflect on the following questions: What is the importance of teaching Biblical principles/values in class? Can biblical principles be taught in a public school? If yes, how can they be taught?

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1. Introduction: Define character education and stress the relationship of biblical principles/values in the classroom. (With all of the violence in America, we now see a rise of violent behaviors in our schools. Every day we see children victimized by other children. Emphasize things like bullying and other demoralizing incidents occurring in our schools.

2. I located a reference article, Robert L. Simonds, Ph.D. 1996. Teaching the Bible in Public Schools?. Acts & Facts. ...

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This solution focuses on character education and the incorporation of biblical teaching in the classroom. The expert provides a detailed outline for a reflecting on the important of teaching Biblical principles/values in class, and whether or not it is acceptable to be taught in public school.

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