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    The Four Co-Teaching Approaches

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    Describe which of the four co-teaching approaches that you would be most comfortable with.

    How would this approach be useful in your classroom? What would be the benefits?

    What would be the drawback? Have you had any experiences with these approaches?

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    I've been a teacher for 9 years now and for 6 of those I have been paired up with a special education teacher. A few of these teachers were not willing or able to truly implement a strong co-teaching model, and therefore it was more of a lead-and-support approach, with most of the planning and instruction done by me, while my co-teacher was circulating around the classroom and assisting students when needed. This approach does not share the responsibility for planning and instruction between the teachers, and the students know it and see it easily. This also targets certain students and so the "special ed" students may be somewhat ...

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    In this solution, I discuss my experiences with co-teaching during my 9 years of classroom teaching. Articles on the subject are attached. This solution is 389 words with two references.