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four levels of knowledge

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There are four levels of knowledge which can be used to measure how much you know about a particular subject:
Level 1: Do I know enough so that I can think about it? Do I grasp the subject and some of the related issues?

Level 2: Do I know enough to talk about it? Can I name some examples and similar ideas?
Level 3: Do I know enough to teach it? Can I explain the important characteristics to someone else?
Level 4: Do I know enough to debate the issues? Can I work though the subject if Iâ??m challenged on certain points?

â?¢ Think about the many things you know, and how much you know about each subject.

â?¢ Using four knowledge levels, provide examples of subjects about which your level of knowledge falls into each. .

â?¢ Describe a subject in which you would like to raise your knowledge level and how you will go about learning more in that area.

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I'll give you an example using me:

1) I know enough about the economy to think about it and think about employment and GDP, but not enough to discuss in it great depth. (I know OF the subject, but I am no expert in any sense. In Bloom's Taxonomy, I can identify and comprehend information in this topic).

2) I know enough about history to talk about how modern day events are interrelated with historical precedent. (I know OF the subject, and I know a bit about the topic, but I ...

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