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    Activity Plan for a Classroom

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    Chapter 4 of the text focuses on learning standards for communication and literacy. For this discussion, please consider the following learning standard:

    "Demonstrates knowledge of the alphabet."

    Develop and share an activity plan for a class serving four year old children and share how this activity plan supports a child's knowledge of the alphabet. Please include your implementation plan and plan for assessment of the children's knowledge of the alphabet. Do you have any thoughts to help me with this? Thanks, Mary

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    This standard is listed on p. 34. In a classroom of four year old children, there may be children with all different levels of the alphabet. You would want to accommodate children at these different levels. First, you might sing the ABC son as suggested on first steps, talking about and pointing to letters as you move along or assessing their prior knowledge.

    Your text suggests that teachers not focus on one letter for the week ...

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    The expert examines activity plan for a classroom. The activity is used to demonstrate knowledge of the alphabet.